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Domestic Violence Quiz

Am I in an Abusive Relationship?

Are You in Danger Right Now?If Yes
I. Call 911. If you cannot speak, just dial 911 and leave the phone off the hook; a police car will automatically be dispatched.
II. If there is no 911 number in your area, check your phone book for the crisis/emergency number.
Does your partner speak badly about other people in your life so that you won’t associate with them anymore?
Does your partner constantly find fault in you or in others?
Is your partner over competitive with your time and attention?
Does your partner refuse to discuss their feelings and then blows up when you push the subject?
Does your partner disapprove of how you spend your money or how you dress?
Your partner doesn’t understand the difference between affection and sex.
Does your partner accuse you of lying?
Does your partner demand to know where you are at all times?
Does your partner constantly become jealous or angry when you want to spend time with your friends or family?
Does your partner find it hard to apologize or take responsibility when they’ve done something wrong?
Your partner doesn’t take no for an answer.
Has your partner threatened to harm you or themselves if you leave the relationship?
Does your partner twist the truth to make you feel you are to blame for their actions?
Does your partner call you offensive or derogatory names?
Does your partner humiliate or embarrass you in front of other people?
Does your partner threaten to harm themselves if you don’t comply with their wishes?
Does your partner express excessive jealousy about your friends and family?
Does your partner express excessive jealousy over friends of the opposite sex?
Does your partner isolate you from friends, family, or your local community?
Does your partner try to control what you wear, eat, say, spend time with, spend money on, etc?
Does your partner blame you for their actions or mistakes?
Does your partner threaten to infect you with an illness, such as a sexually transmitted disease?
Does your partner withhold medication, or threaten to withhold medication?
Does your partner pressure you into having sexual contact you do not want?
Does your partner become violent or controlling when she or he is under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
Does your partner steal money from you, or do they not allow you access to your own money? Or do they attempt to forbid you from working or making money?
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