Agency: Women’s Support Network

The Women’s Support Network of York Region is a feminist non-profit organization providing free, confidential, and accessible services to the community.

Our sexual violence program provides femme identifying individuals who have experienced sexual violence with client-centred, trauma-informed counselling at no cost, no matter where they are at on their healing journey. WSN’s Anti-Human Trafficking team offers outreach, case management and trauma counselling services, working from a client-centered perspective where the client dictates the direction of their needs. We provide support, advocacy, and referrals to other agencies. All counsellors work with individuals to increase understanding of trauma responses, improve coping skills, and reduce any isolation, shame or guilt resulting from their experiences of sexual violence.

Public education is a pillar of our organization as it is key to fostering a violence free community. Whether through workshops, presentations, attendance at festivals/events, social media, or social action events, we work with the community to proactively respond to the issue of sexual violence by raising awareness, busting myths, changing attitudes that shape rape culture, and empowering our community to take effective action.

Our Crisis Line operates 24-hours a day, every day of the year. We have well-trained staff and volunteers to respond to all calls with care, sensitivity, non-judgement and compassion. All calls are strictly confidential. If you, or someone you know, is in need of support please call our crisis line 1-800-263-6734.


25 member agencies in York Region

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