Survivor Stories

I started dating my first boyfriend at 19 and fell in love. He had a quiet charisma and gave me everything I wanted and made me feel so loved. On occasion, when he got mad at something, he would hit me. He always apologized and seemed so sincere — I thought that the hitting was […]

I grew up in Canada, graduated from university, met the man of my dreams and had a great job. I had the perfect life. Ten years ago, we were married and I was six months pregnant when my prince charming started calling me terrible names in the privacy of our home – useless, lazy, ugly, […]

When my husband and I were married, he insisted that we move away from our families. He said that we would have more time for just the two of us. It seemed romantic. Months after moving into our dream home and 7 months pregnant I began making friends with other soon to be moms in […]

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