Agency: York Region Centre for Community Safety

The York Region Centre for Community Safety (YRCCS) is a client-centered co-located service delivery hub for survivors of intimate partner violence/family violence/human trafficking to receive wraparound, holistic supports. YRCCS is a community hub that is modelled on the family justice centers in the US.

We have been successfully supporting survivors since 2013.

YRCCS’s goal is to help individuals and their children:

  • build financial freedom from violence
  • get holistic support
  • access justice and know their legal rights
  • find housing, reduce risks of homelessness and settle safely into Canadian life
  • build safety from violence and harassment where they live, work, study and play

Through YRCCS, multiple sectors endeavour to increase the safety of individuals experiencing violence. YRCCS strives to connect individuals, reduce service duplication, client confusion and create seamless transition to needed services. This collaborative approach integrates crisis support, mental health counselling, psychoeducational support groups, emergency shelter, legal support, police advice, income and housing supports to increase access to services for individuals. YRCCS provides a unique model for working together and delivers critical services to York Region. At YRCCS, clients access needed services without having to retell their stories. YRCCS fosters the appropriate environment so that frontline service providers build relationships and networks that lead to trust and engagement in shared case planning that benefit the clients.


25 member agencies in York Region

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