Agency: York Regional Police

Following the amalgamation of 14 municipal police departments and the York County Security Police, York Regional Police was formed on January 1, 1971.

Upon its inception, the service adopted the motto Deeds Speak, proudly declaring that our actions speak louder than words. Moving forward, Deeds Speak has served as the foundation for all of our endeavours.

Today, more than 1,600 sworn officers and 600 civilians are proud members of York Regional Police, a 2020 Greater Toronto Top Employer and internationally recognized policing leader. Our members are honoured to serve one of the most diverse and fastest-growing communities in Canada, patrolling areas ranging from serene rural landscapes to urban cityscapes, and ensuring the safety and security of residents who identify with more than 200 ethnic origins, practice more than 10 different religions and speak more than 16 unique languages.


25 member agencies in York Region

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