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Kayla’s Story

 In Survivor Stories

I grew up in Canada, graduated from university, met the man of my dreams and had a great job. I had the perfect life.

Ten years ago, we were married and I was six months pregnant when my prince charming started calling me terrible names in the privacy of our home – useless, lazy, ugly, worthless.

After Ava was born, he began making me feel crazy. Hiding diapers and then yelling at me for running out.

When I was pregnant again, he started hitting and choking me. Threatening to kill me. That’s when I knew I had to take action. Walking quietly and quickly across the broken glass on the kitchen floor I escaped through the back door with Ava in my arms.

When we arrived at the shelter, I couldn’t stop crying. Tears of relief knowing that Ava and I were safe.

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